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We welcome your calls and questions :  517-393-4800

NEW LOCATION:  5157 Aurelius Road, Lansing Michigan

T-N-T Pools is a family owned business that has worked in the pool and spa industry for 20 years.We are dedicated to helping our customers with all there pool and spa needs. Come on in and talk to Tim or Amber regarding any of your pool or spa questions or concerns.

T-N-T Pools is your local Artesian Spa dealer - stunning and affordable spas are here !


No one takes the issue of pool safety more seriously than Doughboy, which is why we have chosen to offer the Doughboy line of pools at TNT Pools, LLC.

Doughboy's ground-breaking work with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission, whose motto is “Saving Lives and Keeping Families Safe”, has resulted in an industry-leading safety program that is a part of every Doughboy pool.




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